Thursday, 29 March 2012

Daisy and the little old suitcase makeover

On a recent trip out to a new vintage shop in Southwell
I happened upon this little fella.

On closer inspection he appeared to have had a spot
of trouble in his past.
Yes he has clearly been mistaken for a fire bucket
poor soul.

So I took him home and found some
best wrapping paper and set to work.

First I cut two pieces for each end and 
used pva to glue them down.

(he was already starting to feel much better)

I then measured a piece for the back, base and front panels.

Here he is all finished.

I have managed to save the original paper covering
in the lid as it wasn't damaged...

and now he can be used again.
I've named him Stanley and he
is now full of fabric.

What have you been up to this week?
I would love to hear about it.
Have a relaxing evening.
Daisy xxx


  1. Lovely job Stanley looks very Dandy. Think I have been in that shop it was v nice. Shame Nelly in the Shed has closed though. This week I have made a ticking stripe pinny, rearranged furniture in my 'back' room, taken down my toadstool decorations ready for easterification. I have also managed to find 3 pairs of jane churchill ribbons and roses curtains in the charity shop for use in my bedroom. I was very happy. Have a happy weekend. Debs x

    1. I've tried to reply to you Debs a couple of times over the weekend but it wouldn't let me leave a message. You sound like you've been very busy my dear. I hope the easterfication is going well and congrats on the curtains. What a find! xxx

  2. Stanley is looking very handsome. What a good idea, you've given him a new lease of life.
    I've been getting over a virus (still coughing well) I've read four books and been gardening. Friends have just gone home with a carboot full of plants.
    Meeting a Ravelry friend for the first time tomorrow, excited!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Carol xx
    p.s. blogger seems to have settled down, found 700+ questions from people getting same 'error' message I was getting earlier today when unable to post blog comments!

    1. I've had trouble leaving replies to people. Seems ok tonight though. I went to York today with Lucey aka Lemonade Kitty. We had a lovely shopping day together. I hope you had a good time with your Ravelry friend. xxx

  3. What a great find "Stanley" was, he looks much better after his makeover. Maybe you should bring Stanley on Monday packed with a few essentials and we can stay in York all week!! Lucey x

    1. What a great plan!!! See you tomorrow eek xxx

  4. Little Stanley looks super smart. Well I have turned the playhouse into a Garden room just for me! and seem to have lost all my confidence in my quilt so am at a stand still with it. xx love Jane

    1. Your new space sounds lovely Jane. Whats happened with the quilt? :( x

  5. What a lovely transformation. Stanley looks super cute now. Pretty blog!

  6. It's such a beautiful suitcase and you have given it a great new lease of life! It looks great, I adore the wrapping paper! XxxX

    1. It's lovely of you to drop by and leave a comment. I'm on my way to visit you. Thanks for following. xx

  7. I'm sure stanley is so delighted to have a fresh makeover!! The wrapping paper is so lovely!! At first I thought it was fabric!!

  8. Well, Stanley is looking good in his new spring colours, I too thought the covering was fabric at first glance, how do you find all this lovely stuff? don't tell me you have forced Heath into the paper industry.

    Have a lovely Easter with love Mandy xxx

  9. I almost bought a little case like this at the weekend! Love what you have done with it - looks great now.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger