Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Vintage Fair,The Caption Competition and possible the best book I've ever bought!

Yesterday Amy and I visited a local Vintage Fair in Nottingham.

I then had to try out the travelling vintage tea shop...

with cupcakes of course!

What a lovely idea ...

The china cups were beautifully displayed.


I found this lovely pink (surprise!) spotty box.

I have no clue what I'm going to do with it yet.
I'll let you know if anything comes to mind.
Meanwhile any suggestions are welcome.

On the same stall I found this gem.

Yes it is a PINK kitchen!

Who'd of thought pale blue, red and primrose yellow would
look so .... so 'lovely' together?

Ever wondered why your life is in chaos?
It's probably because you haven't got this book!

So ladies we need to complete the list above while dressing
like this ...

or this?

Sorry but I just love these two pictures.
I feel a caption competition coming on.
Want to play?

Pick either or both and I will give a prize to 
the person who makes me laugh the most. :)

Here is proof that MAN FLU was around in the 50's

And finally, a lesson for us all, ladies a flower arrangement
is NOT complete without a bowl of figs accompanying it.
I wondered where I was going wrong!

Enjoy your Sunday.
Hugs Daisy xxx


  1. Fab finds I think I need that book to organise my life.


    'Oh I am so disappointed I thought it was a seal'.


    First one to wipe the sickly grin off the others face is the winner!

  2. Brilliant! That book is just my cup of tea - you've made me laugh. It's in the same vein as a mini-book I have called 'Don't for Wives c.1913' with such gems as 'Don't let him have to search the house for you. Listen for his latchkey and meet him on the threshold' I do love the frocks though!

  3. You have inspired me to plan my routine for the week ahead. Only one slight problem at the moment, my new plaster cast, supporting my fractured ankle and foot, there is one consulation IT'S PINK!!

    Have a lovely day

  4. Oh Mandy sorry to hear that news. wishing you a speedy recovery. x
    Dear Lavender Attic I love your comments thanks.
    Debs Thanks I thought you would like the book :)

  5. First picture,

    Happy or sad it all goes down the same way!

    Second picture,

    Did you say we have no balls! (sorry lol)

    How fab is that book I need a copy, Lucey x