Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tea in the garden and recent makes by me.

Things are getting a lot more floral and rosy round here. 

I bought this fabric a while ago and
have finally got round to using it.
(P.S. I have jet washed the patio this weekend ..
Grrr wish I'd taken the photos after not before!)

I've covered some oversized cushions
and made a tablecloth  with three coordinating fabrics.

Then just added a dash of CK, a string of twinkly lights
 and a jug of peonies ... and we are ready
for tea. 

I picked these lights up from John Lewis.

They are made of paper so can't be 
left outside but they do look lovely lit or just as they are.

Will be back soon with finished patio soon.
Enjoy your evening.
Love Daisy xxx


  1. I love peonies, they're my favourite flower and they smell delicious. Your garden is looking very countryfied with all that gorgeous fabric, please can I come to tea, Lucey x

  2. Looks beautiful perfect for a spot of tea and tiffin. Debs X

  3. Perfect place for a cream tea.
    Carol xx

  4. Such a lovely pretty setting. Please put the kettle on, I will be over soon :)...I wish.

    Pam x

  5. The kettle is on girls. Feel free to pop in. xxx