Sunday, 29 May 2011

Daisy's Applique Day 2

The beginning of the day.
Coffee on, chocolate biscuits out
and Annie H already hard at work.

Annie D is 'asking' Heaths advice on
how to put the puppy she has knitted together.
Have you finished it yet Boss?

Ahh back on track now!
Annie D is tracing her pattern onto wonderweb.

Val has chosen some gorgeous homespuns 
for her nautical theme.

Annie D's pieces traced and ironed onto the reverse of
her chosen fabric.
Can you tell what it is yet?

And now for a random break for a quick look at some
new 'Mandy' fabrics in the shop.
I feel a skirt coming on. :)

Sorry.  Back to work.
Everyone seems very busy.
I'm loving the pink sewing machines.

This is Annie H's 'Mary Mary'
but Maureen says it should be called
'Annie Annie' instead.
I think the colours are fab.

Annie D's Apples in a basket.
I love how the letters are dancing.

Finally for today we have Val's piece.
I wish I was on this lovely yacht.
I wonder where it's going?

Hoping you've all had a restful Sunday and
wishing you a wonderful bank holiday Monday.
Have fun.
Love Daisy xxx


  1. How lovely! Val's nautical theme rocks my boat! Lisanne xx

  2. Thanks Lisanne. I will let her know :)