Saturday, 30 April 2011

My tiny garden takes shape

When I moved into this little tiny house
in February I had planned to only
stay a few short months.  Things have
changed though and for now I am here
as long as I'm needed.  It's a bit
of a squash and a squeeze sometimes
but being close to my family in
this quiet little spot is what feels right, right now.

With all that in mind I decided to make a garden.
I have a small fenced off piece of  grass moss for
the dogs to wander around on but it lacked, well everything
really!  So I began digging borders.
It started with a small one in each corner but then
I got carried away.  Ooops!

As the borders grew in size I decided to grow some vegetables.
I even managed to recruit Rosie to help dig up some of the turf.
Thanks Bud Bud. x

Then the planting began.  Lots of scented plants.
Lavender, honeysuckle and a few herbs.

We then had great fun trying to make a bean frame, which
I'm very proud to say is still standing. :)

I've planted two kinds of beans.
I've no idea if they will even grow but its been fun trying.

Of course Daisy has to have her daisies.

All planted up and hiding a horrid drain cover.
Was that watering can made for me or what?

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend.
I hope the sun shines for you.
Hugs Daisy xxx


  1. You are making a great job of your garden, hope you have lots of success with your veg and herb growing.
    Love the watering can, yes, made for you.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Pretty beginnings there - my garden is looking very yellow as it is covered in dandilions. Oh well a bit of free colour. Enjoy your bank holiday.

  3. Thanks girlies. I like dandelions too - free and pretty. xxx