Wednesday, 12 May 2010

New Beginnings x

Many things in my life have changed recently. Some for the good others are sad partings.

It has lead me to ask certain questions of myself. Taking me back to being a little girl and the things I believed in then and the things I value now.

The people in life that are precious and who are always there no matter what with their constant support and love.

It has all helped to make me shine again when I thought there was no shiny me left.

I have questioned my view of me and of who I am.

And of what I now wish for my life ahead.

All of life's experiences are lessons that we can hopefully learn a great deal from.

Then move forward with new and exciting knowledge of horizons to be explored.

I am beginning to understand why these things have happened.

And I am now ready for my new beginnings. Enjoy yours. x


  1. oh what a wonderful post. I often find myself asking these very same questions as I constantly re-invent myself and adapt to my changing world . . . . .

    I hope all is good and okay in your world.


  2. Getting better every day thanks Amelia xxx