Sunday, 16 May 2010

I'll leave you with these thoughts.

I am off to Cornwall for a few days but leave you with these thoughts ...

Embrace possibility
Acknowledge your talents
Create with abandon
Wear more skirts

Be fearless
Surprise yourself and do more things you didn't think you could do
Believe in healing
Speak of your gratitude
Ask questions
Take a journey back to yourself

Explore the night sky
Be quirky
Be yourself
Dance in your living room
Seek joy
Share your story

Surround yourself with beauty
Unleash your dreams
Begin, begin
Remember your 8 year old self
What are you waiting for?

Enjoy your week. x


  1. Oh I so agree with these sentiments too - lovely, lovely and I try to live by them when I remember!


  2. Me too although sometimes I need reminding. :)x