Thursday, 31 May 2012

Daisy got a box of pinkness from Lemonade Kitty

My bags were packed (please note that the farthest blue eco bag is full 
of my daughters washing and did not join me on my holiday!)
for my annual girlie holiday to Cornwall when there was a knock at the door!

Ooh a pressie parcel and it was addressed to me!

Ooh pink tissue paper ...

A daisy brooch.

Arklets postcard
How well Miss Lemonade Kitty knows me :)

A feed sack - ideas buzzing here.

Fabby Jubilee tin full of chocolates!
(I told you she knew me well!)

Even more super-dooper stuff.

I love love love this brooch.
So pretty.

Pink buttons and a note book...

Meeces and pretty note pegs...


and a lovely boxed book.

Last but not least look at this wonderful vintage chocolate box

It still has the original photo on the back :)

When I opened it look what was inside!

What a gorgeous gift
I just love them to bits.

What a lucky girl I am don't you think?
Thank you so much Lucey


  1. Oh, how wonderful. You have a fab and gorgeous friend!

  2. What thoughtful pretty things, I love the pretty crochet brooch and cute meeces!xx

    1. The brooch has been getting lots of wear :) xx

  3. wow...what a wonderful gift and clearly from a very good friend..
    Pixie x

  4. Glad you liked your box of "pinkness" Daisy. Pop over to J&B the shop they're having "tea and cakes" in August and I've talked Steve into a weekend in London so I can go!!! Lucey xxx