Friday, 3 February 2012

Daisy is learning to crochet - no laughing please!

When I was a little girl I wanted to learn to crochet.
My Grandma was constantly crocheting.
She spent a whole afternoon trying to teach me once.
I failed to mention that I was left handed.
The session did not go well!
That was the end of my attempt to crochet for many years.
Then,  this year,  I got a hunger for it again.
A real hunger.
So I booked in for some lessons at a local college.
These are the results so far.

Week One.
A bit wibbley!
I had a lot of trouble finding that last stitch.

Hmm... slightly better?

But look!  Never give up! 
Make a mistake into .... well in this case a house?

Week Two.
Ahh the brain!
That seemed to work.

Week Three.
My first granny square.

And so the new addiction has begun .... sherbet colours.
These are Stylecraft Special DK.

Week Four.
This is a chunky yarn by Adriafil called Mirtillo.
My very first cushion cover ...

...and a small string of granny bunting.

I have to say I am loving it.
The results are still a little rough round the edges
but after so many years of thinking I could never learn
I am beaming with happiness.
See :)
Have a fabulous weekend.
Daisy xxx


  1. Gorgeous bunting you clever girl! Go visit lucy at attic24 she has laod of tutorials you will like :-)

  2. I can see you're well and truly hooked now!! Love the ice creamy colours you've chosen for the bunting, you'll soon be taking orders,lol, Lucey x

  3. How satisfying to finally conquer it......well done and yes, that last little stitch is tricky to find.
    Your house looks very sweet, but the bunting is lovely and as for the granny squares, you have arrived.....

    Once you have caught the bug it never seems to leave.

    I am working on mini bunting and it's very hard to stop making it.

    Claire :}

  4. Saw your blog whilst hopping. I have just started crocheting again after many years away from it, yey I thought I've cracked it, only to find my square had a corner missing,so I know how you feel.
    I have just finished my first four cornered one :) I will follow to see how you get on best of luck.

  5. Your grannies are coming along a treat, i bet you didn't think you would be hanging granny bunting up so soon.....well done.

  6. Very well done!
    I'm not laughing I'm full of respect;)
    It took me a whole summer to learn how to chrochet......
    If you have a look on pinterest you will find so much lovely inspiration, I have a board" crochet"!

  7. Hi Mandy, I'm a southpaw too. I learnt crochet basics years ago but it didn't really interest me ath the time, then a few years ago I started to see crocheted items at craft fairs, I discovered a link to Attic24, found a local one day workshop and ......... I've been 'hooked' ever since and I can see you are too. Lovely Granny bunting already!
    We finally got snow today, about 4 inches so I'm staying warm and cosy inside.
    Hope you hare having a lovely 'hooky' weekend.
    Carol xx

  8. Thank you ladies for your lovely words of encouragement and places to check out. Have a lovely weekend. xxx