Saturday, 12 February 2011

Welcome to Ginger & Pickles

I made this little shop many moons ago
when the children were small.
(I'm not going to kid you, it was never for them!)
It's looking a little tired now and the 'wisteria' is a
bit bedraggled and sad but inside ...

is the shop of my dreams.
Fat quarters and handmade shirts...

sewing machines, vintage finds and old books ...

threads and sweets in glass jars.

An old wooden counter, crisp brown paper bags
and a grumpy till!

Was this the beginning of the dream I wonder?

Wouldn't you like to visit and have a peek through the window?

Maybe one day it will open its doors for real ...

with Daisy Moon above the window.

I'll keep you posted!
Enjoy your evening.
Love Daisy xxx

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